Dada – Here Today Gone Tomorrow tab

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From: "Jeff" 

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
by dada  From the album "Puzzle"

transcribed by Jeff Matson (

Overall there are three main guitar parts in this song that overlap.  I've
basically included them all.  It's up to you to decide how you want to play

Riff 1

G -------------0------------------------------|D ------0------------0------0-----------------|A ----2------3-----2------3-------------------|E --3------1-----3------1---------------------|
This riff is played almost throughout the song. It's fun to improvise with it a little, like the guys do in the actual song. Riff 2 G --3h4--0--3h4--0--4/5--4--0---3h4--0--4/5--4--0--- Intro: Riff 1 Verse: (Keep playing Riff 1) I used to hide my camels in a paper bag I only took them out when it was safe to drag My first sixteen years in a catholic-boy suit One father with a sixer and a steel-toe boot See we're all... Here today, gone tomorrow (Now a second guitar comes in, repeating Riff 2, while the first guitar keeps chugging away on Riff 1). One night in the mirror I saw a movie star (Riff 2) So I flew to Hollywood in a neighbor's car (Riff 2) A pack of No-Doz I'm a bundle of nerves (Riff 2) Laughing out loud as the highway curves (Riff 2) 'Cause you know we're all (Repeating chords G F come in here) Here today, gone tomorrow Bridge: (These chords are improvised, but they sound sort of okay) 35x333 335533 G F G F 35x333 335533 F F F F (or instead of F you can try 113213) Solo: (I'm not going to bother to transcribe it. Sorry.) Play G F repeatedly under the solo. Verse: (Back to just Riff 1) Twenty-two miles out of Pasadena I picked up a hiker named Tina Now we've only been here a couple of weeks Soaking up the sun, the drugs and the freaks We hit it off and moved in together Got a cat named Ringo and it purred like leather We robbed a bank in Santa Monica Bought a Caddy and a gold harmonica (Riff 2 comes in here) We'd ride by day and play by night (chords come in here) We're making love every night Here today, gone tomorrow So we went up to Hef's to meet some bunnies I saw Hugh he was actin' funny He handed me some grass and a vodka and gin And that's about the time that Jack Webb walked in He said "Son, I'm gonna tell you something and it ain't pretty There's a thousand ways to die in this naked city" Here today, gone tomorrow You know we're Here today, gone tomorrow Chords: G 355433
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