Daddy Cool - Lollypop tab

Title : Lollypop
Artist: Daddy Cool
Album : Daddyís Coolest
Length: 1:45 mins   Track No.:4
Tabber: Ryan Rogers
Email :	
Tuning: Standard

-Chorus- (Verse 1) G Oh my baby lollypop, might take a while, G C D Tastes sweeter than an apple pie, G And when she does the shakin, rockin down, G Man I havenít gotta chance, (I call her) -Chorus- Lollypop, lollypop, ooh lolly, lolly, lolly -----Repeat-with-first-part-of-tab------ Lollypop 2nd-prt (Verse 2) C Sweeter than a candy on a stick, G Huck-a-berry cherry a li-ive, C If you have a choice, sheíll be your pick, D But lollypop is mi-yi-yi-yine, -Chorus- (Verse 3) G Make a wish, it thrills me, take a while, G C D Itís like a-lightning from the sky, G She loves to kiss me till I cant come straight, G Gee my lollypop is great (I call her) -Chorus-
Ending (Iím guessing this part)e|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|------------------------|E|--5-3--2--1--0-0/5------|
Chords: G C De|-3---0---2-|B|-3---1---3-|G|-0---0---2-|D|-0---2---0-|A|-2---3---0-|E|-3---x---x-|
I hope you like it email me if there is anything wrong with it. Thanks
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