Daft Punk - Television Ruled The Nation tab

Daft Punk - Televison Rules the Nation

Guitar Tab

Tabbed by Tristan Nel

*                                     *
* - For 2 (electric) guitars          * (can be played acoustic)
*                                     *
* - STANDARD TUNING                   *
*                                     *
* - Mild distortion + Overdrive       *
*                                     *

     -> INTRO

Guitar 1********E|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------|D|-2---4-5---------------2---4-5------------|A|-2---4-5----3---2-0----2---4-5----3---2-0-|E|------------3---2-0---------------3---2-0-|
-> Rest of song (!*!) At a point in the song, you can hear guitar switch to a less "wild" growl. At this point, turn down the overdrive so it's a bit clearer.
Guitar 1********E|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------|D|-2---4-5---------------2---4-5------------|A|-2---4-5----3---2-0----2---4-5----3---2-5-|E|------------3---2-0---------------3---2-5-|
(!*!)For the rest of the song. On the "turned down overdrive part" you play the intro part for as long as needed. Notice here (left) how you play the fith fret of the A and lower E strings the second time, whereas you played them open in the intro. Guitar 2 ******** After intro, do a slide with the PINKY FINGER on Lower E string from 12th fret up, and quickly get 1st and 2nd Fingers into E5 postion (first chord). Do this at all necessary times in the song.
For the rest of the song, sam setting as Guitar 1, but slightly lower volume, to let main chords of Guitar 1 ring though.
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