Daft Punk – Beyond tab

Hope you like RAM!

This is the little intro that start at 0:43E-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D-9-8---6--6--6-----|A---------9--9------|E-------------------|
Play Abm, E, Dbm and B normal as 4/4 and then F# quickly and repeat for all the song These are the chords:
Abm E Dbm B F# E-----4----|----0-----|----4-----|----2-----|----2-----| B-----4----|----0-----|----5-----|----4-----|----2-----| G-----4----|----1-----|----6-----|----4-----|----3-----| D-----6----|----2-----|----6-----|----4-----|----4-----| A-----6----|----2-----|----4-----|----2-----|----4-----| E-----4----|----0-----|----4-----|----2-----|----2-----|
I think B it's not really correct, if you have some suggest write it in the comments
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