Daily Planet - Six String Rocketeer tab

this is a new band. www.dailyplanetmusic.com            

Capo 3


C9 GE---3---3---3--3B---3---3---3--3G---0---0---0--0D---2---0---0--0A-3---2---0----2E--------------3
Verses are the same as intro, just strummed slower and on the last line it ends on C9 instead of the G Chorus G D/F# Em C (Hold C for 2 extra measures) G D/F# Em C Am Em C D * *then repeat intro riff Bridge Em Am Gm F#m (just power chords for these two, not the full barre) Em C Am C Am Em Am C Am Em Am C Am C Am C D (then back to chorus and then end with the intro riff)
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