Damien Dempsey - Ghosts Of Overdoses tab

Tune high and low E strings down to DThe intro has two guitars, one playing chords, and anotherfollowing this guitar on the high E string (Tuned to D)Gtr 2 introD|-5------4------2------0----|-5------4------0------0----|B|-0------0------0------0----|-x------x------x------x----|G|-x------x------x------x----|-x------x------x------x----|D|-x------x------x------x----|-x------x------x------x----|A|-x------x------x------x----|-x------x------x------x----|D|-x------x------x------x----|-x------x------x------x----|
x2 x1Played Over Intro Of:Gtr 1 INTRO CHORDSG F# Em (Em) G F# Em BmLet RingD|-x------x------x------x----|-x------x------x------x----B|-x------x------x------x----|-x------x------x------x----|G|-x------x------x------x----|-x------x------x------x----|D|-5------4------2-----(2)---|-5------4------2------9----|A|-5------4------2-----(2)---|-5------4------2------9----|D|-5------4------2-----(2)---|-5------4------2------9----|
x2Both can be played together by adding your little finger to the high Estring.Verse ChordsD Em F# G A E(II) F#(II)Slide up to these chordsD|-0------0------x------0------0-----|-0------0------|B|-3------0------x------1------5-----|-5------7------|G|-2------0------x------0------0-----|-4------6------|D|-0------2------4------5------7-----|-0------2------|A|-0------2------4------5------7-----|-0------2------|D|-0------2------4------5------7-----|-0------2------|
DFamine days, drove us here, off the land,Em F# GThey tried to clear, Now they drive youA D (E(II) F#(II) First Time)From The cities, to make way for all the yuppiesDThey stood back, and didn't act,EmThose in power, should have been sacked,F# G A DDecimate the inner cities, move them out, bring in the wealthy.Chorus ChordsB A G F# Em Em/DD|-x------0------0------0------2------0----|B|-x------5------0------0------0------0----|G|-x------0------0------0------0------0----|D|-9------7------5------4------0------0----|A|-9------7------5------4------2------2----|D|-9------7------5------4------2------2----|
B A Hey little baby, I wanna take you from here G F# Em Em/D I wanna take you away from here B A Hey little baby, dont wanna see you on the gear G F# Em Em/D Cos it's so hard to find your find your back B A Hey little baby, it's every parents worst fear, G F# Em Em For their child to end up on smack. Verse II as verse I Chorus II as chorus I Instrumental (3:00) Similar to intro with second guitar G F# Em Em/D G F# Em B B A G F# Em Em/D X3 You lie, I cry, Please don't go G F# Em Em/D G F# Em B (4:02) D Now I walk, along these streets, Em All the ghosts, they walk their beats F# G Up to flats and into stairwells, A D Em Where they lie, in heroin hell F# G Little kids, they walk right through them, A D I just hope they don't become them.
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