Damien Dempsey - Party On chords

Ok this is my first tab to do and i wouldnt have done it only when i looked for the tab
this song (for my SyncSing) i came across some dude's tab which was wrong, same tab on
website too and it was SO wrong its not even funny so i sat down and done it out....... 
hey if you learn this i suggest you learn Colony too, savage to get the crowd goin!
damo plays DADGBD most the time but for us simpletons here it is in standard. contact 
for any comments...

F G (x2)

FDoing E, doing speed, doing cocaine
GMix it with alcohol and go insane
FIn the morning the edge of the knife
GWhere the hell is the bright side of life?
FIt's a farcical high for a few hours
GThen you're blind and you can't see the bright flowers
FFor the light of a child and the glee
GIf you splurge then I'll know you'll agree
FTurns you into a shell of what you used to be
GAll the weeks you been living in a fantasy
FFor the size of the party to come
GDay to day life just doesn't seem fun
FI'm not telling you how to do your thing
GI'm just laying down some facts about indulging
FHow the shit going 'round can become
G F G F GYour controller, your dictator, your one
C F GI'm giving it up I swear in the New Year..
C F GNo more of that for me, you'll see...
C F GI'm going to be going straight I can't wait
C F GUntil this year is gone, party on..
FComing down on the ground in a small house
GYou're a man but you feel like a small mouse
FNot so long ago you felt like a king
GSomeone give my psychiatrist a ring
FIve no bread and feel feckin' brain-dead
GAll alone in a room full of E-heads
FFeel so hollow and sickly and worthless
GThere's no cure in the mosques's or the churches
FI met strangers who barely six hours ago
GWere the best friends I thought I'd ever know
FNow they're strangers again 'cos I'm down
GAnd I won't say 'hello' if I see them in town
(chorus to fade)
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