Damien Dempsey - Cardboard City chords

Damien Dempsey

Cardboard City


Chords: E G A(I) A D E|------0---------3---------0---------0---------2--------|B|------0---------3---------5---------2---------3--------|G|------1---------4---------6---------2---------2--------|D|------2---------5---------7---------2---------0--------|A|------2---------5---------7---------0---------x--------|E|------0---------3---------0---------x---------x--------|
Intro: E - - - - G - - - - A(I) x2 Verse I:
E G ADown on the streets & the wind was blowing hard
E G AAnd Cardboard City was growing yard by yard
E G AWell the people had it bad, there lives had gone sour
E G AThey had been swept aside like dirt because others hungered for power
E - - - - D - - - - A Going down
E D - - - - ATo Cardboard City I'm going down
E D - - - - ATa Cardboard City Down & out
E D - - - - AIn Cardboard City
Verse II:
E G A What you have to understand is that they are human as well
E G AThey are living flesh & blood there not just lost souls from hell
E G AThey don't wanna be in big boxes, in an impoverishment
E G AYou need some cash to get a place & you need a place to get a job
*Repeat Chorus* Verse III:
E G AIts a vicious circle & you cannot just bail out
E G AYou cannot worry for about a job cause you need food in your mouth
E G A Just surviving day to day is about the the hardest thing
E G AYou'd get fond of the bottle if you can try to forget everything
**Repeat Chorus** Outro: E - - - - G - - - - A _____________________________________________________________________________ Hope it sounds good enough. I uploaded it on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obSuJf7onpw&list=UUXLCHhJE9Ie8bkvJl9xWfug&index=1&feature=plcp love it ! Keeping me going till Almighty Love is out !!!
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