Damien Jurado – Reel To Reel chords

Left handed
Damien Jurado - Reel to Reel

Created this tab from videos found here:

A note about the G, which he alternates use of depending on the performance you see.  
The regular G and G5 are interchangeable.  I like the sound of the straight G versus the 
G5, but its up to you.


G    (E 000023 E)
C/G  (E 010233 E)
F/G  (E 012330 E)
Am   (E 012200 E)

G5   (E 300003 E)


G  >  C/G  >  G

C/G GYoure a smooth talker
C/G Gwith eyes like lightning
C/G Gand the radio women
C/G Gall sing like our mothers
F/Gput away the hairbrush
Am GYou may be on to something we don't know
F/GI read it in the tabloids
Am Gat a truck stop in a thunderstorm
C/G GYou're an escape artist
C/G Gin the bathroom mirror
C/G Gand the autograph seekers
C/G Gyou've imagined outside the door
F/GYes wed like a statement
Am Gis it true you're now escaping your room?
F/GFrom the light out in the basement
Am GWe knew that there'd be trouble coming soon
C/G GIntuition
C/G GMathematics
C/G GInvisible Audience
C/G GTen Hit Records
F/GListen through your tin can
Am G"Has the rope cut circulation to your tune?"
F/GI fashioned myself after you
Am GFrom my suicide that left them puzzled
F/GThe greatest songs Ill never hear
Am Gfrom a band you started in your mind
F/Glead us handing on your legend
Am Gas you exit through the tape recorder
C/G Greel to reel
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