Damien Rice – Silent Night tab

Silent Night - Traditional arranged by Lisa Hannigan
Taken from the album "O" by Damien Rice

This is a bonus track from Damien Rice's debut 2003 album "O". The song "Silent Night"
be heard after the final track on the album, "Eskimo." After this song has finished,
is silence for a few minutes then "Prague" can be heard, and then after this, still on 
same "track", "Silent Night" plays out the album. The song is Traditional however Lisa
who collaborated with Rice on the album and sings solo on the song, changes most of the 
I have included her lyrics and full chord structure.

N.B. The song is actually sung a-cappella, so I played along with the track to find the
chords. Enjoy.

Standard Tuning, No Capo

Chords Used:

Silent night, broken night.
A      A7          D
All is fallen when you take your flight.
G                         D
I found some hate for you just for show,
G                           D
You found some love for me, thinking I'd go.
      A            A7        D
Don't keep me from trying to sleep,
         A7       D
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, moonlit night.
A         A7       D
Nothing's changed, nothing is right.
G                          D
I should be stronger, then weeping alone,
G                         D
You should be weaker than sending me home.
  A              A7          D
I can't stop you fighting to sleep,
         A7       D
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Tabbed by Epimetheus
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