Damien Rice – Elephant tab

This song is off Damos new album "9" but I had heard it last year
under the title "The Blowers Daughter 2". So here it is 100% perfect, 
although the album version is not actually as good as the other version
but still great lyrics just a bit too slow!

Play this for the verse/Pre-Chorus e|-0---0---0---0--|b|-0---0---0---0--|g|-1---4---2---5--| X ?d|-2---6---4---7--|a|-2---6---4---7--|E|-0---4---2---5--|
This for the Choruse|-0---0---0---0---|b|-0---0---0---0---|g|-1---6---2---8---| X ?d|-2---7---4---9---|a|-2---7---4---9---|E|-0---5---2---7---|
Then for the freakout bite|--0---0---0---0-||--0---0---0---0---0-|b|--0---0---0---0-||--0---0---0---0---0-|g|--2---5---2---8-||--2---5---2---9---8-|d|--4---7---4---9-||--4---7---4---11--9-|a|--4---7---4---9-||--4---7---4---11--9-|E|--2---5---2---7-||--2---5---2---9---7-|
Then just finish with the verse and its as simple as that!!! By the way to make it easier to play use your thumb to play the bass note!
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