Damien Rice - Animals Were Gone tab version 1

|*****Damien Rice*****|
|**Animals Were Gone**|

I've updated it once more, now adding the second
guitar to the intro and the verse. It's not 100%
correct, I think - it's kind of hard to hear - but
it should work. It's played with a capo on 7th.

Standard tuning
No capo

G C Am D11e---------------------------------------------------------------------|B----0-------------0------0------1------1------0-----0------0-----0---|G---0-0----0-0---0-0----0-0----2-2----2-2----2-2---2-0--- 2-2---2-0--|D-0--0-0-0---2---2-2---2-2---2-2---2-1---1-1---1--1---1-1---1-|A-----------------------------0------0------2-----2------2-----2------|E-3------3-2---0------0----------------------------------------------| G Em Am B7
Second guitar intro/verse (played by Lisa with capo on 7th)e-----------------1----------1--3-----------------------1-----1------0-----0---B----1-----1-----1-1---1-1-3-5----------1-----1-----3-3---3-3---------------G---0-0---0-0---2---2-2-0-2--4----0-0-2-2---2-2---2---22---2---1-1---1-1--D-2---2-2---2-3-----3-2-0-0----2-0-2---2-2---2-0-----0-------0---0-0---0-A-3-----3-------------------------3-2-0-----0--------------------------------E-----------------------------------------------------------------0-----0------ C F Dm Em C Am Dm E7
Choruse----------------------------------------------------------B----1------1------0------0------1------1------3---1---0---G---2-2----2-2----0-0----0-0----2-2----2-2----0-0---0---0--D-2---2-2---2--0---0-0---0--2---2-2---2--0---0--0---0-A-0-----0---------------------0-----0----------------------E---------------3------3--------------------3------3------- Am G Am G
[Intro] G C Am D11 G Em Am B7 [Verse] G C Woke up and for the first time the animals were gone Am D11 G It's left this house empty now, not sure if I belong Em Am Yesterday you asked me to write you a pleasant song B7 I'll do my best now, but you've been gone for so long G C The window's open now and the winter settles in Am D11 G We'll call it Christmas when the adverts begin Em Am I love your depression and I love your double chin B7 I love 'most everything that you bring to this offering [Chorus] Am G Am G Oh I know that I left you in places of despair Am G Am G Oh I know that I love you, so please throw down your hair Am G Am G At night I trip without you, and hope I don't wake up Am G Am G 'Cause waking up without you is like drinking from an empty cup [Chorus] G C Woke up and for the first time the animals were gone Am D11 G Our clocks are ticking now so before our time is gone Em Am We could get a house and some boxes on the lawn B7 We could make babies and accidental songs G C I know I've been a liar and I know I've been a fool Am D11 G I hope we didn't break yet, but I'm glad we broke the rules Em Am My cave is deep now, yet your light is shining through B7 I cover my eyes, still all I see is you [Repeat Chorus]
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