Damon Albarn - Everyday Robot chords

Artist: Damon Albarn
Album: Everyday Robot
Song: Everyday Robot

Tabbed by: August September (www.soundcloud.com/august-september)

(They didn't know where he was going but they knew where he was, wasn't it?)

G Dm C Em Am Am7 F G

[Verse 1]
G We are everyday robots on our phones,
DmIn the process of getting home.
C Em Am Am7Looking like standing stones,
F GOut there on our own.
[Verse 2]
G We're everyday robots in control,
DmIn the process of being sold.
C Em Am Am7Driving in adjacent cars,
F G'Til we press 'restart.'
[Bridge] (They didn't know where it was going on, but they knew what it was, wasn't it?) G Dm C Em Am Am7 F G [Verse 3] Everyday robots just touch thumbs. Swimmin' in lingo, they become, Stricken in a state of sleep. One more vacant seat. [Verse 4] For everyday robots getting old, When our lips are cold. Looking like standing stones, Out there on our own.
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