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Damon Wallace – Michael The Mexican chords

Guitar 1
Chords Used

G   C   Em   Am   D   Dm   
F#m   B5


G DMichael sucks burrito and he
C Ghas a little egg roll that
no one can see cos' its so cos its so PRE-CHORUS
Geverybody thinks its so small
cos it is
Emand he has a wrinkle-in-taco
it smells just like a burrito CHORUS Slide From 10
G CHe has burrito
F#M Dwhith with with his taco
D Dmtaco oh
Emand burrito
D Dm B5bub-bub-bury-bub-bub-burrito-taco
Gwith cheese and burrito
Che has a giant burrito
Dwith extra
Emcheesyness inside-it
with cheese
Cand burrito
D F#mhe smells like a giant taco
Em Gand he is looks like a
D Che looks like a dirty mexican
Gwith a greasy
C F#mand he smells just like uranus
Dyeah yeah
G Amyeah yeah yeah
BRIDGE - Bass Repeat Chorus Twice
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