Dan Croll – Home chords

[Intro] A - A6 - A - A6

A A6 Amaj7 AI've forgotten how it feels with the carpet under my seat
A A6 Amaj7 AIt's the polyester fibers that wrap around my feet
A D Feels like home, home
A - A6
A A6 Amaj7 AWhen the cold shakes my bones it's the rug that warms my soul
A A6 Amaj7 Amaj7 DIt's the textile to the skin, and the sensation alone feels like home, home
A - A6
E E9So if you ever come 'round to my house take your shoes off at the door
D7 D9'Cause it's impolite not to; you'll be damaging my floor
A'Cause it's my home
A - A6
A A6 Amaj7 AWhen you're down and you're alone it's the train that brings you home
A A6 Amaj7 AAnd your mother, brother, sister, father, waitin' at the door
A D A - A6 - A - A6It's so sweet, sweet
A A6Makes me glad I'm only a stone's throw away
A A6Makes me sad that others can't have it the same way
D A - A6 - A - A6Oh, home, home
E E9In the forest it's unlikely that you'll find a home so tidy
D7 D9Compared to what it's like living like a city type
AWhy, it's no home
[Outro] Repeats the chords above with melodic lick.
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