Dan Elkes – Just Wanted To Be Free chords

Just Wanted to be Free
Music by Dan Elkes
Lyrics by John Lewis

Intro: G D G C G C D GVerse 1
GThey thought
C DI could do anything
GThey thought
C Em Am DI could fly
GThey thought
C DGotta believe it
G C Em DDon’t they know we live a lie?
G C DWasn’t born to this
D C GHow did it come to be?
G C DDidn’t want all of this
D C D GJust wanted to be free
Verse 2
GThey said
C DYou can do anything
GThey thought
C Em Am DI would fly
G CThey must believe
DIn something
G C Em DBut me, I live a lie
Chorus Verse 2
G They say
C DI’m a Superman
GThey think
C Em Am DIt’s all true
G CThey gotta say
DMore nothings
G C Em DBut I’m nothing without you
Chorus 2x
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