Dan Fogelberg – Go Down Easy tab

Song: Go Down Easy
Artist: Dan Fogelberg
Basic chord as interprepreted by: Skidaddy, Esq. (G.Q.)

E              E            E             E
Linda lost her lover in the early part of autumn, and she

A                A              A               A
moved out to the country hoping all would be forgotten. The

E                E               E               E
last time that I saw her she was makin' sure the winter wouldn't

A                     A                    A               A
come through that old door frame where the door is several inches from the

E             B         A     A
ground... the cold hard ground. And it's
B       B       A    A                            |
hard to go down easy; And it's                    |
B       B         A      A                        |
hard to keep from cryin'; And it's                |
                                                  > CHORUS
B       B      A            A                     |
hard to lose a lover in the early part of         |
E        B        A    A  E  E  
 E  E  E  E  E  |
au-au-au-au-au-au-tumn.                          _|

          E                   E             E                 
Well, she learned to cook the meals and she learned to start the fire; And she

A               A              A                   A
learned to make jewelry out of stones and precious metals. She

E                E              E                   E
sits down to the table with her friends and several others, and she

A                  A         A   A
tries real hard to never be alone. And it's


        E                 E           E               E
Now the winter wind blows cold upon a fair and gentle soul, and she

A               A               A   A
feels as if her time is passin' easy. Her

E                     E                      E          E
friends are sometimes lovers, though they'll always be another She

A                     A                  A   A
thinks about when the night time lays on down. And it's

[ CHORUS ] twice   

Disclamer: This document represents my own interpretation of Mr. Dan Fogelberg's 
"Go Down Easy."
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