Dan Fogelberg – Believe In Me tab

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Artist: Dan Fogelberg
Chords by: Louie A. Ebojo
From: ebbskyz@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning: EADGBe

A	x02220		E	022100
AM9	x02100		E4	022200
A9	x02200		E7	020100
A4	x02230		E4/B	x22200
A/G#	4xx4xx		E7(4)	020200
A/C#	x42220		F#m	244222
Bm	x24432		
Bm7/A	x04232
C#m	x46654
D9	xx0230
D/C#	x4023x

Intro: A-AM9-D9-D/C#-Bm-Bm7/A-E7(4)-E7- A-AM9-E4/B-E-A-E7(4),E7,
A AM9 D9 If I could ever say it right Bm Bm7/A E7(4) E And reach your hostage heart despite A AM9 D9 The doubts you harbor, then you might E4/B E A-E7(4),E, Come to believe in me. A AM9 D9 The life I lead is not the kind Bm Bm7/A E7(4) E That gives a woman peace of mind A AM9 D I only hope someday you'll find E7(4) E A-A4-A9-A That you can believe in me. A AM9 D9 Those other loves that came before Bm Bm7/A E4 E Mean nothing to me anymore A AM9 D9 But you can never be quite sure E4/B E A A/G# And will not believe in me. Refrain: F#m C#m Too many hearts have been broken D E4,E A A/G# Failing to trust what they feel F#m C#m But trust isn't something spoken D A/C# E4/B-E-E4-E- And love's never wrong when it's real. A AM9 D9 If I could only do one thing Bm Bm7/A E4 E Then I would try to write and sing A AM9 D9 A song that ends your questioning E4/B E A A/G# And makes you believe in me. (Repeat Refrain & last verse except last chord) E4/B E A And makes you believe in me. E4/B E A--AM9 Oh, you can believe in me. - end -
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