Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You tab

“I Can Dream About You” Dan Hartman

I was walking through the shopping center yesterday and heard this great sounding
song and it stayed in my head. I went home and looked for the guitar tab of it on
the net but couldn’t find it so I tried figuring out the chords today and after a
couple of goes this is what I came up with. I hope it sounds good enough to play
this song.

Am      Em     Dm             F             A
No more timing each tear that falls from my eyes
Am      Em     Dm                      F            G
I'm not hiding the remedy to cure this old heart of mine 

      A           Bm
I can dream about you 
           G          D
If I can't hold you tonight
      A           Bm 
I can dream about you 
                G            D
You know how to hold me just right

Dan Hartman internet site: http://www.danhartman.com/
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