Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Look For The Woman chords

dan le sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Look for the Woman:

DThere's a weight over me today,
Csomething I have to say,
Glove you too much to leave,
Gdon't like you enough to stay.
DMy heads in a mess and I'm stressed
Cbut i guess its a test in the quest for happiness
Gand the rest of that mess so i best just acquiesce
Geven though I've grown tired of you
DAnd that ain't meant to sound spiteful - I'm just trying to be insightful
Cwhen I write all my emotions in the night all the stuff I try to fight
G Gjust comes out and the sad fact is I'm so tired of you
DLove, its a weird thing ain't it?
CThere's no way to explain it, but I swear as well as pain
Gthere should be joy but we sustain the same level of mundane
Gand its numbing me through
DI often wonder if I'd miss you and have the urge to kiss you
Cif an issue was to hit through to this heart that now feels disused
Gand said issue was too big to just ignore
Gand i walked out on you
Dthe chances are I'd fall apart and suffer seizures of the heart
Cas my chest begins to smart, the very second have to part
GI want to go back to the start, but then again
Gmaybe I'd just feel new
Dmaybe I'd get my life on track and start to focus my attack
Con all the things my life just lacks and start to claw my passion back
Ginstead of living like a hack, half committed half relaxed,
GI'd have nothing to lose
DI guess lately I've had too much time to think and yeah way too much drink
Cwhen paper meets the ink
Gover-thinking is the chink in my armour
Gthat's just what I do.
DAnd I've always been that way, forever questioning each day
Cand every plea that's made that maybe when I lay my busy
Gmind will make me prove by finding problems and reasons,
Gthat might not even be true.
DWe got together so young, before our real lives had begun,
Cbut flowers don't grow up as one, each finds its own way to the sun,
Gand that's exactly what we've done.
GWe've grown up separately too,
DAnd for a few years now it's been the problem,
Cand these realisations, I wish that I could stop them,
Gbut I've realised that love is all we have in common,
Gand deep down you know that's true.
DBut then surely that I'm still in love with you means there's something we can do
Cto get us through and to pursue a brand new point of view
G on how this gap grew,
Gbetween me and you.
DSo there's a weight over me and I'd hate to have to leave
Cbut in fate I don't believe and the state of you and me
Gisn't great as you can see...
Gso I'll keep thinking this through.
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