Dan Mangan - Basket chords


capo 2

E       022100
Esus4   022200
F#m     244222
F#m7    242222
Asus2   X02200
B7      X21202

The Verse is all  E (with a hammer on sus4) F#m(with a pull off 7th) 
The Chorus is Asus2, B7, E, Asus2

For the sake of speedy tabbing, I will ignore the hammer on & pull offs in the 
verses, listen to it and you can
figure out the timing.  
This is a song off his upcoming album.. You can listen to it here:

EWe are young we have
years ahead maybe we might fall in love
F#mor fall apart
Efall apart
F#mBefore it ends well we
Eshould try to start
Asus2 So Iíll go
B7 E But Iím telling you I donít
Asus2 want to go
Asus2 B7 I could be stuck here and happy
EThereís a puzzle I
work on endlessly and Iíve got all the sides and all the corners
F#mBut thereís a space
EOh thereís a space
F#mLost some pieces I
E canít replace
Asus2 So Iíll be
B7 E But Iím telling you I donít
Asus2 want to be
Asus2 B7 Just a wasted puzzle piece
EWe are old and our son
took the dog away and fair enough guess weíre
F#mtired all the time
Eall the time
F#mand you know dogs they need
Eample time outside
Asus2 So Iíll stay
B7 E But Iím telling you I donít
Asus2 want to stay
Asus2 B7 So Iíll brace myself against the wall
E Asus2and hope to God that I donít fall
Asus2 B7My bones are worn my hip wonít hold
EI used to be so young
Asus2How did I get so old
Asus2 B7Wonít you take my cane and hold my hand
E Asus2Youíre holding on to all I have
Asus2 B7just a basket full of memories
E Asus2and I am loosing more each day it seems
Asus2 B7but if I can make it to the street
EIíll steal a car or a bike
Asus2whatever there is to steal
Asus2 B7and it might get cold I just donít care
E Asus2Iím going till Iím getting there
Asus2 B7Iíll ride my steed all through this town
till I.........
Ehave looked
Asus2till I have found
Asus2 B7Your peaceful memory
Asus2 B7Wonít you return to me
Asus2 B7Wonít you return to me
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