Dan Mangan - Tinas Glorious Comeback chords

Capo 3rd fret

CDowntown Vancouver
AmDigging through your bag
EmRipping out the pages
GOf the local music mag
You missed the show last summer But now you've got your chance They're playing at The Railway With another emo band
C Am EmI'm ambitious when giving up
C Am EmNever thinking clear enough
C Am GBut we're not Elvis anymore
C GWe're not Frankie in his wild years
(mute) C AmWe're not Tina's glorious comeback
CWe're not us
EmWe're not us
C AmSold my soul to the devil for nice penmanship
EmAnd now I write real pretty but I'm starting to regret it
C Am EmIf all this was easy it wouldn't matter how it ends
I'm ambitious when giving up Never thinking clear enough But we're not Elvis anymore We're not Frankie in his wild years We're not Tina's glorious comeback We're not us We're not us
C AmWe're not us anymore
EmWe're not us
We're not us anymore We're not us We're not us
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