Dan Mangan – Set The Sail chords

Tabbed by: Mike

Am/B : just a heads up... wasn't sure what this chord is actually callede-----|B--1--|G--0--|D--0--|A--2--|E-----|
Am G CYou decide to be alone.
F G CAnd hell is cold enough to hibernate
Am G Cso let her drift into the snow.
F G CIt's where she chooses how to operate.
Am G CIt might be time to pack her in.
F G CSet the sails and just get all the way-
Am G Cmaybe east or something.
F G C Am/B
AmThe west was overrated anyway and the storms coming down.
G CThese old walls are wearing thin.
Am/B AmThere's an ache to this town.
G CAnd something's gotta give in
Am/B Am G Cwhen digging for gold, and coming out dry.
AmJust a matter of time.
GJust a matter of time
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