Dan Rodriguez – The Circus Is Cheaper When It Rains chords

First time writing out chords.. Didn't tab out the individual notes he plays but 
these are the chords used. Sounds accurate to me.. added in some symbols for 
timing with the vocals. Work with me here lol. 


Standard tuning, no capo

. - pause
~ - no pause between words
--># - slide up a fret

C Am G

C Am I.. have taken the same ride
Ftoo many times
Gi could fall asleep . . .
CI . . .
Amknow the lions
Fsleep in cages
Gwhen day turns to night. . .
C Am I~know the . clowns wipe~the~fake .
Gwhen the show is done . . .
C Am And I~know the . tight~rope~walkers
Fhave blisters on . .
Gtheir feet . .
C Am Fand i~know~the . strong~man~just~isn't~as . strong as he once was .
G-->#before . .
C Am Ooo~and I know the ringmaster . doesn't believe in what he
Fyells~to~the~crowd .
C AmOoo and I know the candy floss has . always been just
F G--->#sugar and air
C(palm mute)OOoo~but~you......
AmYou are the only reason . . .
FI . . .
Gcome back here
C Am F G COOooooo
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