Dan Schutte - Like Cedars They Shall Stand tab

TiTle: Like Cedars They Shall Stand

Artist: Dan Schutte

Chords made by: Charlie Edsel Valera

Intro: A-C#m7-D-C#m7-D-C#m7-D-C#m7-Bm7-E

 Av      C#m7      D    C#m7   D
I will play for him on my harp
             C#m7  Bm7  E A
with my lute and stringed lyre
  C#m7      D      C#ml7  D
i will greet the lord with my song
     C#m7          Bm7   E   A
I will sing of the ways of the lord

   A     C#m7       D       C#m7
1. God it is that we should sing
 Bm7   Bm7/A      A
to honor Yahweh name
 D   C#7    F#m
To thank him for his love at dawn
 Bm7  Bm/A    E
his faithlessness through height

2. great and wide your kindness Lord,
and fathous deep your heat
The wicked man shall not perceive,
The foolish man shall fall

3. The just shall grow as tall as palms
like cedars they shall stand
and planted firmly on their God,
They shall mnot break no bow
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