Dana Carvey - Choppin Broccoli tab version 1

This song is a piano piece played in a minor key usually so it is difficult to play 
without tuning the A sting down a half step the rest are standard tuning

Time Signature 4/4
All finger picking
All strums are 8th notes
Let all notes RING
Listen to the SNL Dana Carvey Audition to see how the words line up with the music
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRW27fyvwCs )
Chord 1
E|-----------------|B|--2-------2-----2|G|--3---3-----3----|D|----3---3-----3--|Ab|-2--------------|E|-----------------| x2 then on the third time that's when you start to sing
Chord 2E|-----------------|B|--2-------2-----2|G|--3---3-----3----|D|----3---3-----3--|Ab|-0--------------|E|-----------------|
Chord 3E|-----------------|B|--2-------2-----2|G|--3---3-----3----|D|----3---3-----3--|Ab|----------------|E|--2--------------|
Chord 4E|-----------------|B|--2-------2-----2|G|--3---3-----3----|D|----3---3-----3--|Ab|----------------|E|--1--------------| repeat at Chord 1 until done
then once you get it down, create your own version with four syllable phrases like " shes cuttin' coupons " or whatever you want www.danacarvey.net
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