Dana Lyons – Rv tab


by Dana Lyons, Copyright 1985
submitted by jhonen vasquez

Intro: Am Am F G Am
[Am]Cruisin cross the USA, takin in the land,
[G]Wider than a Cadillac, [D]longer than a van,
[Am]Capacity 16 children, four tubes of old toothpaste,
[G]Three tank for the gasoline, [D]two tanks for the waste,
RV[Am] [Am] [F] [G] [Am]

Mom and Dad in the front seat, country on the radio,
Tim and Jim at the table, rock on the stereo,
Sue and Lou in the backroom, trumpet and clarinet,
Sissy’s still in the bathroom, Junior’s pants are wet,

Chorus: The [F]modern cowhands [G]ride in velvet [Am]saddles,
On [F]horses made of [G]fiberglass they [Am]fly,
Air-cond[F]itioned covered [G]wagons cross the [Am]prairy,
The [F]pioneering spirit never [E]dies,
RV[Am] [Am] [F] [G] [Am]

The tenters watch with wonder, the bikers are afraid,
The rangers take their aspirin, the animals run away,
The truckers see a road block, the wagons see a wall,
The compacts see a mountain, the horses see a stall,

Chorus: From Jersey to Miami without stopping,
From Texas to Alaska in one day,
The stories of these heros are astounding,
The tickets and the tolls they had to pay,

So if you’re out there cruisin on a U.S. Interstate,
And you see that great white wonder, please make no mistake,
On the road there is no justice, might always makes right,
The suburban yacht is the king of the road, so you'd better get that right, RV

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                           -just so you know i submitted cows with guns too
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