Dana Lyons - Tv God tab



by Dana Lyons, copyright 1990

submitted by jhonen vasquez

[Em]After I was born I [G]went home to [A]watch my [Em]TV

[Em]Everyone was nice and their [G]smiles were [A]so sparkily[Em]

[Em]I watched what made them happy and I [G]watched [A]what made them [E]mcry

[Em]I learned about toys and [G]candy my [A]Mommy should [Em]buy

And the TV [C]God watches over [D]me

Opens up my [Em]eyes, shows me how to see

All around the [C]world, every night and [D]day on my T[Em]V

Teaches how to [C]love, teaches what is [D]real

Tells what life is [Em]of, tells me how to feel

All I need to [C]know I can find and [D]see on my TV[Em]

Soon I was a teenager and I knew just how to dress
I learned to use deodorant so I would always smell my best
I got myself a part time job to buy the things I needed to have
And the payments on my supercharged Camaro really aren't so bad

[A]Everybody be careful, everybody be,

[Em]Be very careful, keep watching your TV

There are [A]people who are laughing with a wink or a nod

There are [B]people who are questioning our great TV God

Every[A]body be careful, everybody be

[Em]Be very careful, stay tuned to your TV

There are [A]phonies who are talking

There are wasters who read

There are [B]people here who do not even own a TV!

Every[A]body be careful! Oh every[Em]body be careful!

Oh every[A]body be careful!

Everything I know about my country I learned on TV
The man on the screen tells me who is our enemy
They say that we are free and we must fight to be number one
So when the army calls I'll grab my TV, my car, and my gun

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