Dance Gavin Dance - Self-trepanation tab

			     SELF-TREPANATION - Dance Gavin Dance
Tabbed by: Dylan Dutra

Tuning: E Standard

These are Will's parts to the song (and Zach does more or less the same
thing in some parts except for a little variation, for the most part. This
is a 'be all, end all'tab for this song, but hopefully it gets you in the
right direction.

Besides Zac's parts being ommitted, I can't figure out the heavy/metal part
in the intro. Help?

You can figure out the rhythm of the chords yourself, I'm sure.

Effects-Ridden Start to Song (no idea what the effect is. Phaser or

"No one beleives me"|------||--9---||--8---||--9---||--7---||------|
Slide up into: "They're always on your side..."
Repeat that. The bend should go up and down a whole tone (it's a bend and release up to the 14th fret C#) "No one believes me"
While Will does that, Zac jams the E7 chord (shown at the beginning of the tab at the same rhythm with obscene amounts of phaser. Haven't figured out Zac's little tapping part at the end, sorry. That's about all I got. Hopefully someone can build off this.
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