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Dandelion – Dyslexicon tab

Author/Artist: Dandelion 
Title: Dyslexicon album 
Transcribed by: 
Contains: Pass The Stone 
          Trailer Park Girl 
          What A Drag 
          Super Cool 
          False Alarm 
          Snow Job 
          Viva Kneval 
          Melon From Heaven 

play with disortion throughout, except where noted 

note that each song has it's own legend, as the same symbol may mean something 
different in another song 

the number of dashes between chords and notes give an   
approximation of timing, but use your judgement 


Title: Pass The Stone 

detune all strings one half step 

% - rest 
xn - repeat n times 
f - full bend 
~ - vibrato 
x - muted string 

  start on   

3-9--- 4-10-- 5-10-- 6-8---
3-9---11--11-----11--9---9------ 4-10--12--12-----12--10--10----- 5-10--12--12--%--12--10--10--%-- 6-8---10--10-----10--8---8------
3-4--6--6-----6--4--4-- --4--12--12-----12--11--11-- -12---12---7---7-- 4-5--7--7-----7--5--5-- --5--13--13-----13--12--12-- -13---13---8---8-- 5-5--7--7--%--7--5--5-- --5--13--13--%--13--12--12-- -13---13---8---8-- 6-3--5--5-----5--3--3-- --3--11--11-----11--10--10-- -11---11---6---6--
3-11---11---11---10---10---10---2--------4--------6-------- 4-12---12---12---11---11---11---3--------5--------7-------- 5-12---12---12---11---11---11---3--(xn)--5--(xn)--7--(xn)-- 6-10---10---10---9----9----9----1--------3--------5--------
bridge fill - with heavy vibrato
2---------------------------- --------------- -8--------- 3-11--13--13-----13--11--11-- -11--13-------- -10f-(xn)-- 4-12--14--14-----14--12--12-- -12--14-------- ----------- 5-12--14--14--%--14--12--12-- -12--14--(x7)-- ----------- 6-10--12--12-----12--10--10-- -10--12-------- -----------
solo - xn throughout, with heavy vibrato
2-10----11----10---11---12---13---14--- 3-12f---13f---12f--13f--14f--15f--16f--
outro solo
~ 1----------------------------------------------15--- 2-15--17--17-----17--15--15-----15--17--17-----18f-- 3-x---x---x---%--x---x---x---%--x---x---x---%------- 4-12--14--14-----14--12--12-----12--14--14----------
~ 2------------------------------------------------15--12-- 3-------------------------------14f--14--12-------------- 4-15--17--17-----17--15--15------------------14---------- 5-x---x---x---%--x---x---x---%--------------------------- 6-12--14--14-----14--12--12------------------------------
~ 1----------------------------------------------15--- 2-15--17--17-----17--15--15-----15--17--17-----18f-- 3-x---x---x---%--x---x---x---%--x---x---x---%------- 4-12--14--14-----14--12--12-----12--14--14----------
2-------------------------------------------------------------------- 3-------------------------------14f--14--12-------------------------- 4-15--17--17-----17--15--15------------------14--13--12-------------- 5-x---x---x---%--x---x---x---%---------------------------14--12------ 6-12--14--14-----14--12--12--------------------------------------12--
end on
1-0-- 2-0-- 3-1-- 4-2-- 5-2-- 6-0--
yeah, good morning waiting for me waiting for me, you know where I'm gonna be yeah, good morning just kidding around don't get me wrong don't even listen to me, I'm just stoned I need more time leave me alone I can't decide how would you know? yeah good morning maybe it's time I did something yeah, good morning kidding around you know I'm still down you cannot call on me, I'm not home no-one's around to answer the phone stay on the line wait for the tone if you feel like maybe you won't maybe next time maybe it's time you did something wasting your time all for nothing am I stoned? do I feel high? don't even know maybe you're right maybe it's time I did something wasting my time all for nothing maybe it's time I did something wasting my time all for nothing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Weird-Out detune all strings one whole step % - rest x - muted note \ - slide down | - repeat chord ~ - vibrato / - slide up q - quarter bend intro
3-1---3-4---4-6---6-8-8-8-8-1---3-4---4-6---5-4-4-4-4-- 4-2---4-5---5-7---7-9-9-9-9-2---4-5---5-7---6-5-5-5-5-- 5-2-%-4-5-%-5-7-%-7-9-9-9-9-2-%-4-5-%-5-7-%-6-5-5-5-5-- 6-0---2-3---3-5---5-7-7-7-7-0---2-3---3-5---4-3-3-3-3--
fill 1 - play as octaves during verse, with root on fifth string
4-12--12-12-11--11-11-12--12-12-13-13-13-13-- 5-12--12-12-11--11-11-12--12-12-13-13-13-13-- 6-10--10-10-9---9--9--10--10-10-11-11-11-11--
verse - play clean
3-----------4/6---6/8-8-8-8-- -----3/4---4/6---5\4-4-4-4-- 4-2---4/5---x-x-%-x-x-x-x-x-- -2---x/x-%-x/x-%-x\x-x-x-x-- 5-2-%-x-x-%-2/4---4/6-6-6-6-- -2-%-1/2---2/4---3\2-2-2-2-- 6-0---2/3-------------------- -0--------------------------
fill 2 - clean
3-4---6/7---7/9---8\7-7-7-7-- 4-x-%-x/x-%-x/x-%-x\x-x-x-x-- 5-2---4/5---5/7---6\5-5-5-5--
chorus - play first half of intro fill 3
3-13\-- 4-x---- 5-11\--
3-13--------------6-------8----- 4(14)-------------7-------9----- 5-14-x16----------7-x8----9-x8-- 6-12--------------5-------7-----
fill 4 fill 5
3-4-4-3-4-- -5----6----- 4-5-5-4-5-- -6----7----- 5-5-5-4-5-- -6-x8-7-x4-- 6-3-3-2-3-- -4----5-----
outro riff 1
~ 4--------------------------------- -7-7-7---- 5-----5--6--7--------------------- -7-7-7-%-- 6-/7----------0-0-0-3---0-5q---0-- -5-5-5----
then mute the strings and strum some artificial harmonics outro riff 2 - play second half of intro, with a distorted fill 2 I fill the pothole in my mind Sounds strange I know, but I feel better Fill the last bowl of the night It's not much I know but it's a start I'll be the ashtray if you like I'll come undone won't even try I'll do whatever turns you on Freak out, how cool, _ Weird me out _ everyone _ having fun/Never had so much fun It's just not cool you know?/It's just too cool you know? You know I'll be the asshole for a while It's hard I know but I don't mind You can be the asshole later on It's cool I know that you'll _ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Trailer Park Girl detune all strings one half step % - rest (xn) - repeat n times h - hammer-on / - slide up x - muted string \ - slide down s - semi-tone bend f - full bend * - note |-- - hold bend r - release bend g - gradual intro
2-7--7---10-10-10-10-10--10-- ----------------------- --------- 3-7--7---10-10-10-10-10--10-- -4--4---4--7--7--7--7-- -6------- 4-7--7-%-10-10-10-10-10--10-- -5--5---5--8--8--8--8-- -7------- 5-5--5---8--8--8--8--8---8--- -5--5-%-5--8--8--8--8-- -7------- 6---------------------------- -3--3---3--6--6--6--6-- -5-(x8)--
verse - with variation clean, later reprise with wah, later reprise with distortion and no wah
1----------------------------------------6------------------------------------- 2----------------------------------------6------------------------------------- 3--7--7----------7----------2--------4---7--7------------7----------2--------4- 4--8--8--0h7--7--7----------3--------5-%-8--8--x-x-7--7--7----------3--------5- 5--8--8--0h5--5--5--0h3--3-----3/-5------8--8--x-x-5--5--5--0h3--3-----3/-5---- 6--6--6--0----------0h1--1-----1/-3------6--6--x-x----------0h1--1-----1/-3----
fill 1 - with wah
3-3--3--3--3-3-7--7--7--7-7-10--10--10--10-10-12--12--12-- 4-x--x--x--x-x-x--x--x--x-x-x---x---x---x--x--x---x---x--- 5-1--1--1--1-1-5--5--5--5-5-8---8---8---8--8--10--10--10--
chorus lead-in fill 2
1------------------------------------------------------ ---------- 2------------------------------------------------------ -5-------- 3-------7--------11------11\-----2------4------6------- -7f-(x7)-- 4-8--8--8--12-12-12--12--12\-x-x-3------5------7------- ---------- 5-8--8--8--12-12-12--12--12\-x-x-3-(x3)-5-(x5)-7-(x8)-- ---------- 6-6--6--6--10-10-10--10--10\-x-x-1------3------5------- ----------
chorus - with fill 1 at end
alternatively, play these chords as x's - * * 2-7--7---------------x-x-5--5--5-------------------- ------------------------ 3-7--7------2--2--2--x-x-5--5--5------4--4--4--4-4-- -7--7--7-7-7-7--7--7-7-- 4-7--7--x-x-3--3--3--x-x-5--5--5--x-x-5--5--5--5-5-- -8--8--8-8-8-8--8--8-8-- 5-5--5--x-x-3--3--3--x-x-3--3--3--x-x-5--5--5--5-5-- -8--8--8-8-8-8--8--8-8-- 6-------x-x-1--1--1---------------x-x-3--3--3--3-3-- -6--6--6-6-6-6--6--6-6--
fill 3 - with wah 5-13\-- fill 4
3------------------4gf-- 4----7------------------ 5-/8-----7-7s-7-5-------
solo - with wah
|------- |-------- |------ |-------------- 2----------10------ repeat, --------13-----------12--12---11---11-11----- 3----------12f-(x6) then --------15f-(x6)-----14f-14---13f--13-13----- 4------------------ --------------------------------------------- 5-0--0--0---------- 0--0--0----------0-0------------------------- 6-------------------------------------------------------0-------------0-0
~ ~ |------ 1-----------------------------------------------13------------------ 2--------------------10-13-----------10-13-13f--13-(xn)---------14-- 3-12fr-10-12gf---12f-------12gf--12f-------------------------------- 4-------------------------------------------------------14--14--14--
outro solo - listen to the recording for the rhythm
1------10------------------------10---------------------- 2-10---13f--6---5---10------10---13f--6---5---10----13--- 3-12f-------8f--7f--12f-----12f-------8f--7f--12f---15f--
|-------- |----------- |----------- 1-10--10---13--13-13--17--13-- -15---15--15--18----18--18-- 2-13f-13-%-16f-16-16------16f- x3 -18f--18--18--21f---21--21--
|-------- 1-10--10---13--13-13--17--13----10------10---------10------10------- 2-13f-13-%-16f-16-16------16f-%-12fr-10-12fgr-10-%-12fr-10-12fgr-10-
3-12fr--10------------------------------14-- 4-----------12--11--10----------14--14------ 5-----------------------13--10-------------- 6-------------------------------------------
2nd outro - detune 4 whole steps from standard
1-------0-------------------- 2----------0----------------- 3-3-----------3-------------- 4-4--------------x-x-x--x-x-- 5-4--------------x-x-x--x-x-- 6-2--------------x-x-x--x-x--
I was dreaming of a trailer park girl I would spend all my time with her I'd get on the phone, feel like a talk (Find a good girl), I believe it'd go far _ a trailer park girl, I would spend all my dough on her She's so fine, clean and sweet, Can't you see, can't you see what I mean We _ live in a trailer park, no Lying around with nowhere to go We don't need to live in a trailer park, no All I want is that girl and somewhere to go Dreaming with a trailer park girl I'd wait my whole life for her _ all alone, come down from the stars Like some beautiful trailer park chick from Mars _ a trailer park girl, I would spend my whole life with her She's so fine, cheerful, sweet Can't you see, can't you see what I mean ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: What A Drag detune all strings one whole step main part - listen to the recording for the rhythm
3-3-----8-----4-----11-----6-- 4-4-----9-----5-----12-----7-- 5-4-----9-----5-----12-----7-- 6-2-----7-----3-----10-----5--
3-3-----8-----4------------6-- 4-4-----9-----5------------7-- 5-4-----9-----5------------7-- 6-2-----7-----3------------5--
1-------0-------- 2----------0----- 3-3-----------3-- 4-4-------------- 5-4-------------- 6-2--------------
bridge - listen to the recording for the rhythm
3-8-----3-----1-----3-----4-- 4-9-----4-----2-----4-----5-- 5-9-----4-----2-----4-----5-- 6-7-----2-----0-----2-----3-- twice, then
3-8-----3-----7-----2-- 4-9-----4-----8-----3-- 5-9-----4-----8-----3-- 6-7-----2-----6-----1--
what a drag, what a drag what a drag, what a drag what a drag, what a drag, what a drag, what a drag I'll tell you right now, too much fun oh, I'll tell you right now I'd rather do something what a drag, what a drag, what a drag, what a drag I'll tell you right now, this ain't much fun what a drag, what a drag the time that we had I don't understand, oh it's all too sad oh, I'll tell you right now, this ain't much fun oh, I'll tell you right now I'd rather do nothing what a drag, what a drag, what a drag, what a drag I'll tell you right now, this ain't much fun, oh do what you want, do anything go do what you want, do anything I'd rather do nothing at all I'd rather do nothing at all I'd rather do nothing at all what a drag, what a drag what a drag, what a drag what a drag, what a drag what a drag, what a drag, what a drag, what a drag ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Super Cool detune all strings one half step - (might be detuned one whole step, in which case you'd play everything a fret higher) h - hammer-on x - muted string / - slide up intro - with slight variation
2-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-x-x-4---4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-6-4-4-- 3-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-x-x-4---4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-6-4-4-- 4-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-x-x-4---4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-6-4-4--
alternate intro riff with this riff for verse it's kind of tricky knowing when to come in, try cutting short the intro by three strums and then go to this riff
2-----4-4-4-4-4-4-4-----4-4--4-----4-4--4-----4-4--4-- 3-x-x-4-4-4-4-4-4-4---x-4-4--4---x-4-4--4---x-4-4--4-- 4-x-x-4-4-4-4-4-4-4---x-4-4--4---x-4-4--4---x-4-4--4-- 5-x-x-2-2-2-2-2-2-2---x-2-2--2---x-2-2--2---x-2-2--2-- 6-x-x-----------------x----------x----------x---------
play this fill with verse, going into bridge
3----------4-4-4--4---8-8-8--8---11-11-11--11---10-10-10--10-- 4----------x-x-x--x---x-x-x--x---x--x--x---x----x--x--x---x--- 5----------2-2-2--2---6-6-6--6---9--9--9---9----8--8--8---8---
chorus - add a rest at the end at times
2-6-6-6--6---6/9-9--9-------------------------6-6-6--6---6/9-9--9------------- 3-6-6-6--6---6/9-9--9---5-5-5--5---5-5-5--5---6-6-6--6---6/9-9--9---5-5-5--5-- 4-6-6-6--6---6/9-9--9---6-6-6--6---6-6-6--6---6-6-6--6---6/9-9--9---6-6-6--6-- 5-4-4-4--4---4/7-7--7---6-6-6--6---6-6-6--6---4-4-4--4---4/7-7--7---6-6-6--6-- 6-----------------------4-4-4--4---4-4-4--4-------------------------4-4-4--4--
3-------- 4-2-2-2-- 5-2-2-2-- 6-0-0-0--
bridge - add a rest at the end at times
3-1-1-1-1-3-3-3-3-6-6-6-6-8-8-8-8-- 4-2-2-2-2-4-4-4-4-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9-- 5-2-2-2-2-4-4-4-4-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9-- 6-0-0-0-0-2-2-2-2-5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7--
solo - tremolo strum some octaves, unison bends, usual suspects use wah breakdown - guitar one play 6 times 3-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-6-6-4-- | | | | breakdown - guitar two | | play 4 times | 5-2h4-4-2h4-4-2h4-4-2h4-4-2h4-4-2h4-4-2h4-4-2h4-4-4-4-2-- play once 5-6h8-8-6h8-8-6h8-8-6h8-8-6h8-8-6h8-8-6h8-8-6h8-8-8-8-6-- play once
3-------------------------4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-6-6-4-- 4-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6-4h6-6--------------------------------
then both guitars play intro through to the end of the song, and add in some tremolo strummed fills You say you don't know what's really left over Can't ever know what's __ All that we know is things we don't know 'Cause I know you wouldn't bother if you didn't care I feel I should not bother with this anyway I know it ain't super cool but it's okay I know Glad you don't know what's really left over Don't even know what's __ We sure do remember we already told you ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Retard detune all strings one whole step listen to the recording for the rhythm
5-7--5-- 6-5--3--
5-12--8--5--7----- 6-10--6--3--5--%--
5-9--12-- -4--7-- -4--7--4--10-- 6-7--10-- -2--5-- -2--5--2--8---
5-3--5--7--5--7-- 6-1--3--5--3--5--
should I speak first, oh I know I'll never get the last word in I think it's getting better I think I better think again 'cause I can't wait here anymore I'm on the brink I think I'm on something now back to the front back inside, back in the game I think it's getting better well it sure feels the same will you tell me what I'm gonna do with all that? will you tell me what I'm gonna do with all that? I'm on the brink I think I'm on something now it doesn't matter much it doesn't matter much really going nowhere, it's nowhere you know we ain't going nowhere, we're nowhere you know I ain't going nowhere, I'm nowhere no I know please tell me what _ all these _ please tell me what _ all these _ please tell me what _ all these _ please tell me what _ all these _ I gotta think but I'm feeling too retarded ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: False Alarm detune all strings one whole step x - muted string verse
3-----9-9-----9-9---------------------- 4-----9-9-----9-9-10-10-10-10-7-7-7-7-- 5-----7-7-----7-7-10-10-10-10-7-7-7-7-- 6-0-0-----0-0-----8--8--8--8--5-5-5-5--
1---------------------------------- 2-----8-8-----8-8------------------ 3-----7-7-----7-7------------------ 4-----5-5-----5-5-8-8-8-8-5-5-5-5-- 5-----------------8-8-8-8-5-5-5-5-- 6-0-0-----0-0-----6-6-6-6-3-3-3-3--
play this chord with "I've been tryin'..."
4-7-- 5-7-- 6-5--
Now I'm insecure and I can't explain Every day I (get a needle/need) just to get out of my brain _ stickin' in my legs tellin' me to run around My head is spinnin' Oh no All I see is black cats _ me with _ And it's pretty much _ on my chest (I got no rights) on the tv And somehow I can't relate Somebody kill me Oh no She said everything's gonna be alright I think that someone's out to get me but I can't think of why It's not my fault (besides) _ I've got something to hide I only lie because I have to and I think I Must be goin' crazy Oh no And I've been tryin', really tryin' There's no denyin' it's got the best of me She said you love yourself Would you off yourself? Just do it all yourself fuck everybody else She said do yourself a favor and get over it Had a false alarm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Tapped detune strings 1-5 one whole step detune string 6 two whole steps \ - slide down x - muted string h - hammer-on / - slide up listen to the recording for the rhythm intro
4-0----1-- 5-0----1-- 6-0----1--
2------8\----7------------- 3------8\----7----7----10-- 4-0----8\----7----5----8--- 5-0----6\----5----5----8--- 6-0---------------5----8---
2------8\----7--------------------- 3------8\----7--------------------- 4-0----8\----7----10----5--xx-3h5-- 5-0----6\----5----10----5--xx-3h5-- 6-0---------------10----5--xx-3h5--
4-0---0--3/5--0--x-x-3/5-- -5--4--1--1--1--1-- 5-0---0--3/5--0--x-x-3/5-- x3 -5--4--1--1--1--1-- 6-0---0--3/5--0--x-x-3/5-- -5--4--1--1--1--1--
chorus guitar 1
4-5---3---5--6--1----------- 5-5---3---5--6--1----------- 6-5---3---5--6--1-----------
4-5---3---5---1------------- 5-5---3---5---1------------- 6-5---3---5---1-------------
4-5---3---5--6--1----------- 5-5---3---5--6--1----------- 6-5---3---5--6--1-----------
4-5---3---5---1--4---------- 5-5---3---5---1--4---------- 6-5---3---5---1--4----------
guitar 2
3-7---5---7--8--3----------- 4-x---x---x--x--x----------- 5-5---3---5--6--1-----------
3-7---5---7---3------------- 4-x---x---x---x------------- 5-5---3---5---1-------------
3-7---5---7--8--3----------- 4-x---x---x--x--x----------- 5-5---3---5--6--1-----------
3-7---5---7---3--6--5--3---- 4-x---x---x---x--x--x--x---- 5-5---3---5---1--4--3--1----
(Don't you want to know the future can keep) (Full days of fall turns into weeks) If you want, go ahead, make yourself clear What's the problem? I'm afraid I know just how you feel Though I don't wanna, now I gotta make myself clear Like I have to explain a phrase so I can deal What's the problem? Go ahead, make yourself clear I was afraid you won't know what I mean Wait around, you wait around All used up Oh no, oh no All used up Wait around, you wait around You're all used up Oh now we know why Oh no is what goes on in your head The situation's all messed up again You really need to reach into the light And now the darkness keeps on reaching back ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Whatever detune all strings one whole step listen to the recording for the rhythm intro and chorus
4-9----------- 5-7----9---7-- 6------7---5--
4-9----------------- -8/9--9-9---8/9--9-9-- 5-7--10---7--9--xx-- -6/7--7-7---6/7--7-7-- 6----8----5--7--xx-- ----------------------
5-9--12-- -9--12--9--12--9--12--7-- 6-7--10-- -7--10--7--10--7--10--5--
yeah, yeah, no no news here yeah, yeah, whatever you say make yourself quite clear uh huh yeah, yeah, you told me don't even know well, hey, whatever you say look, I gotta go oh yeah, it's true 'cause I don't wanna listen to you oh yeah, it's true 'cause I don't wanna listen to you yeah, yeah, whatever it doesn't matter yeah, yeah, whatever you say doesn't matter to me anyway oh yeah, you know it you (won't do it _ on and on how do you do it? oh yeah, it's true 'cause I don't wanna listen to you yeah yeah, it's true 'cause I don't wanna listen to you 'cause I don't wanna listen 'cause I don't really care 'cause I don't wanna listen to you, no yeah, yeah, whatever you say yeah, yeah, whatever you say yeah, yeah, whatever you say yeah, yeah, whatever yeah, yeah, whatever you say yeah, yeah, whatever you say yeah, yeah, whatever you say yeah, yeah, whatever yeah, yeah, no no news here yeah, yeah, whatever you say make yourself quite clear oh yeah, it's true 'cause I don't wanna listen to you oh yeah, it's true 'cause I don't wanna listen to you 'cause I don't wanna listen 'cause I don't really care 'cause I don't wanna listen to you 'cause I don't really care ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Snow Job detune all strings one whole step use these chords
G A# D B F# A E D B 1st 1st 2nd 2nd type type type type 3-4----7----------8----3----6----1----11------- 4-5----8----10----9----4----7----2----12----9-- 5-5----8----x-----9----4----7----2----12----x-- 6-3----6----10----7----2----5----0----10----7--
G A# D1 Feeling out of touch again I G A# D1 Can't describe the state I'm in but G A# D1 Now, I haven't overheard I've G A# D1 Got enough to fill my head B1 F# I can't relate to every- B1 F# one I see the kids all having A E D2 fun and all the people, they are A E D2 B2 D1 running don't know which place I be- long F# G A# D1 _ walls are just a G A# D1 dream I cannot tell, I just can't G A# D1 tell _ hurts to breathe _ G A# D1 _ B D2 G I'd rather take my time and B D2 G Sit don't think I'll waste my time, I B D2 G Quit until I change my mind on B D2 G It, I won't be like you G A# D1 I listen to my- G A# D1 self cause there's nobody G A# D1 else I'd rather disap- GA#D1 pear B1 A G Snowflake's got a headache B1 A G She just wants to crash B1 A G Me, I'm like a headcase B1 A G Everyone knows that B1 A G We ain't got no money B1 A G We don't care about that B1 A G Me I think it's funny B1 A G Money's such a drag breakdown - play with B1, rub the strings, string-scrapes
2-0------4-- 3-0-(xn)-4--
3-7/9\7---7/14\11--9\7--7--7--12-- -12--12--12--11-- 4-x-x-x---x-x--x---x-x--x--x--x--- x3 -x---x---x---x--- 5-5/7\5---5/12\9---7\5--5--5--10-- -10--10--10--9---
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Viva Kneval detune all strings one whole step x - muted note f - full bend r - release bend p - pull-off / - slide up g - gradual bend t - three semi-tone or indeterminate bend intro
2-13-13--x-13--x-13-- 3-12-12--x-12--x-12-- 4-11-11--x-11--x-11-- 5-12-12--x-12--x-12--
3-6--7-7-7-9-9------------- 4-6--7-7-7-9-9----5----7--- 5-4--5-5-5-7-7----5----7--- 6---------------0-3--0-5---
between verse part - play the part in () together with the third string at times
1--------------------------14---------------------------- 2--------------------------13--(7frp5-5--5-7frp5-5)------ 3-7frp5-5--5-7frp5-5--7/14-14---7frp5-5--5-7frp5-5--5---- 4-----------------------------------------------------8--
verse fill
1-------------------------- 2-------------------------- 3----------------6----7-9-- 4-2----5----7----6----7-9-- 5-2----5----7----4----5-7-- 6-0--0-3--0-5--0----0------
play this on either side of flute solo
1-------------0-------------------------------0---------------------- 2---------2-------------------------------2-------13-13--x-13--x-13-- 3---------4gf-----------------------------4gf-----12-12--x-12--x-12-- 4-4--4--4---------4--4--4---------4--4--4---------11-11--x-11--x-11-- 5-4--4--4---------4--4--4---------4--4--4---------12-12--x-12--x-12-- 6-2--2--2---------2--2--2-3/15t---2--2--2----------------------------
solo - mood noodling, unison bends, octaves, wah outro
3-13----------11----------6----------4-- 4-14----------12----------7----------5-- 5-14----------12----------7----------5-- 6-12----------10----------5----------3--
C'mon c'mon and start your Engines screamin', distant pop-a-wheelie cheerin' Bell-bottoms (flared wide) A star-spangled helmet shinin' A gleamin' motor-smile A death-defying eye Stacked up like _ cars And here we go All the records Broken bones and a nose of steel The show-stoppin' Caesar's Palace Wipe-out! (to fall) Viva Kneval ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Melon From Heaven detune all strings two whole steps x - muted string / - slide up (x) - optional % - rest intro
3-13--x-x-13--x-x-13--x-x-13/14-13--x-x-13--x-x-13--x-x-13/14-13- 4-x---x-x-x---x-x-x---x-x-x--x--x---x-x-x---x-x-x---x-x-x--x--x-- 5-11--x-x-11--x-x-11--x-x-11/12-11--x-x-11--x-x-11--x-x-11/12-11-
3-x-x-13--x-x-13--x-x-13/14-13--x-x-13--x-x-13--x-x-13/14-13-- 4-x-x-x---x-x-x---x-x-x--x--x---x-x-x---x-x-x---x-x-x--x--x--- 5-x-x-11--x-x-11--x-x-11/12-11--x-x-11--x-x-11--x-x-11/12-11--
verse - listen to the recording to know which octave to use at the end, for example, sometimes you alternate them, sometimes you use three of one and one of the other...
3-11/-13--x-x-13/-14-13--x-x -13-- -9-- ----- 4-x---x---x-x-x---x--x---x-x -x--- -x-- ----- 5-9-/-11--x-x-11/-12-11--x-x -11-- -7-- ----- 6--------------------------- ----- ---- -/\--
chorus fill
1---------0-------- -------5-(%)-4-------- 2---------0-------- -3-------(3)----3--5-- 3-8---6---1-------- ----4----------------- 4-9---7---2-------- ---------------------- 5-9---7---2-------- ---------------------- 6-7---5---0-------- ----------------------
2nd verse - use an acoustic guitar to back up the electric octaves
2---------------9------9-- 3-8--8--8-8-----9--x-x-9-- 4-9--9--9-9-x-x-9--x-x-9-- 5-9--9--9-9-x-x-7--x-x-7-- 6-7--7--7-7-x-x-----------
bridge - listen to the recording for the rhythm
2-------------------------------10---9-- 3-2---5---2---5---2---5---7-7---10---9-- 4-3---6---3---6---3---6---8-8---10---9-- 5-3---6---3---6---3---6---8-8-%-8----7-- 6-1---4---1---4---1---4---6-6--------0--
I want what you know Noone (but why) I want what you know Open my eyes I know that you know I want what you know I know that you know Everything And if you leave I realize I'd probably have to do it again And I believe I see the light _ again I know that you know Not far behind I know that you know Been on my mind I know that you know I know where you go I know what you know Anyway, anyway If I can leave my feelings behind Just long enough to see again Well I feel I realize That everything is one and the same Heaven Oh heaven Oh melon
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