Dandy Warhols - Plan A tab version 2

Plan A - Dandy Warhols


e ----------2--0-----------------------------------|B ---3--3---------3--0--3--5--3--0--3--5--3--------|G -------------------------------------------------|D -------------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------------|E -------------------------------------------------|
{small pause}
e ----------2--0-----------------5--3--------------|B ---3--3---------3--0--3--5--3--------6--5--3-----|G -------------------------------------------------|D -------------------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------------------|E -------------------------------------------------|
The rest of the song uses the chords: D F C G for example D F C G All of us, all of us sing about it. D F C G All of us, sing about it. D F C G Must be some kind of planet D F C G For all the people who can manage. D F C G All of us who can handle it, D F C G With all of this damage. /// do some experimentation on the strumming pattern and check the correct placement of the chords (the last line was difficult to place the chords correctly) enjoy! jiannis
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