Dandy Warhols - Nothin To Do tab

Artist: Dandy Warhols
Title: Nothin' To Do


A7e ---------------3-----3-----|B ---------2--------2--------|G ------------2-----------2--|D ------2--------------------| X 3A ---0-----------------------|E ---------------------------|
verse: A C G e --3-2-1-0- (low e string) I Like To Hold On My Baby She Likes To Hold On Me Too Like Something For Nothing That She Can Hold Onto Where We Been Lately Second Avenue To Call On Brent Mackerel Or We Can Find Someone New chorus: A C D Ooo .. A C G e --3-2-1-0-- Ooo .. Yeah verse: A C G e --3-2-1-0-- Really Like It Better Like It Better Than You And If You Got A Problem We Want Nothin\' To Do Here We Go Baby With The Cats From Swoon (23) And If We Got A Quarter We Call Sugarboom, Boom chorus twice; end on A
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