Dandy Warhols - Nothing Lifestyle Of A Tortured Artist For Sale tab

     Nothing (Lifestyle of a Tortured Artist For Sale) - The Dandy Warhols
Tabbed by: Mmorg
Email: MrMmorg@gmail.com

Tuning: Normal

To start out this song, tap the A string a lot and then just jump in. This song
is really hard to tab because of the heavy distortion so email me if I've messed

/-------------Part A-------------\ /-----------Part B--------------\ Am G D E G Am G D Am C Ge|-00000-0--33333-3---22202-22233-0-3-00000-0--33333-3---22202-0-00-033-|B|-11111-1--00000-0---33333-33333-0-0-11111-1--00000-0---33333-1-11-100-|G|-22222-2--00000-0---22222-22223-1-0-22222-2--00000-0---22222-2-20-000-|D|-22202-2--00000-0---00000-00000-2-0-22202-2--00000-0---00000-2-22-200-|A|-00000-0--22202-2---------------2-2-00000-0--22202-2---------0-03-322-|E|----------33333-3---------------0-3----------33333-3---------------33-| \-play twice-/Part APart B
A You want for nothing A Thats what you decide B Always on always gone A Cause you all want nothing A Thats you inside B Always good always on And you only want nothing For yourselves Always want the other side You could be trying Am G E Its enough to always try thats a life for you Any cause that you wanna do What thats all fine Except for anything that you do to me And you want for nothing You want for nothing Cause you want for nothing Nothing
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