Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse - Daddys Gone chords

 feat nina persson

I'm pretty confident that this is 100% correct; I've listened through several 
times to be sure. Great song, and an easy one, hope you enjoy it.


E Emaj7 A CDaddy's gone, daddy's gonna go to work today
E D A E To make a little money, gotta get paid
E Emaj7 A CBake a cake, bake a cake and set it on a plate
E D A E Up high where the dogs can't get it, so it don't get ate
A E Emaj7 When you lay your head on your pillow, I'll be gone, I'll be gone
A B When you breathe your dreams to your pillow like a song
D A EI woke up and all my yesterdays were gone
Other lyrics: (Verse 3) Close your eyes, close your eyes until your dreams arrive Keep 'em tight where the hound can't get up, so they don't get ate (Bridge 2) When you raise your head from your pillow, don't delay, 'cause people decay When you let the rays of the sun help you along (Chorus/Outro) I woke up and all my yesterdays were gone (x5) Tabbed by Tibbs32
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