Daniel Arvitson – Newcastle Song tab

The Necastle Song
By Daniel Arvitson (I think that's how it's spelt)

OK well here's a song which'd only be familiar to novocastrians, but hey, it's a ripper
so this is my first attempt at contributing music. Hopefully I'm one of the first people
to work this song out, even though it didn't take me too long.
Oh also the words I've written as the lyrics are as close to what I heard, and some I
just didn't even bother, but a few of them are probably different to what I wrote.
Right well enough of me, oh except if you wanna have a chat or pick holes in my chords,
then my email is skinny_biscuit@hotmail.com  have a good one!

The chords used are fairly basic, but if you don't know them well I'm sure you'll find
the fingering somewhere on this site.

The chord pattern for the verses is E, A, G, played sort of with E for one beat,
A for two and then G for the last. You sorta have to hear the song to know what
I'm crapping on about, but anyways. The chorus is E, A, B, strumming E on each
syllable of New-cas-tle, then the otehr two are strummed twice each in the Whoooa bit.
There's some different chords strummed for those little pre-chorus bits, but I
haven't gotten around to them yet.
Well that's all I can tell you in words. You wanna know how the song goes properly
and not based on my piss-weak analyisis then by the single for yourself.

Is there anyone here from Newcastle?

West Wallesnd has flannos and motor bikes
Barbies, it's a surfin' life
Cooks hill, (I dunno what he says here)
East end party, party party
Izzo, Carro, lock your doors
Or if you're lucky pull down your drawers
Hammo's Cosmopolitan
(Sorry I dunno this line either)

He got out at civic station, walked across the lines
He saw the big penis
Said 'where the f*** am I?'

Oh Newcastle
Yeah Newcastle
Yeah Newcastle
It's so beautiful my dear, and they can bury me here

(Something), show, bucks night
Pub crawls in a double decker and
Dickheads, in a fight
Probably over someone's hair
Cos the J-R is rockin' hard
The black Tshirts and mini-skirts
Jump club, fann-oi's
Can we get a cab cos my feet hurt?

With 'Khe Sanh' on the radio
And orange shit in the sky
The tourist grabs his road map,
Says 'where the f*** am I?'


Well it's time to head, it's getting ugly
Shit-faced people with the munchies
Migrate to maccas or hamburger haven
for beer and (something) and egg and bacon
And the bogie hole for skinny dipping
(somehting here), carpark kissing
Some are sightseeing, some I bet are
At John Hunter nine months later

With thirty-thousand people screaming
'Go the Knights!'
The footballer looks around him,
Says 'where the f*** am I?'

Oh Newcastle
Yeah Newcastle
Yeah Newcastle
It's so beautiful
Who's been to the beaches on a Sunday night
And who's driven over Stockton bridge to see the city lights at night
Cos I've been to Nobby's to watch the dawn
And nearly pissed my pants from a ship's foghorn

Oh Newcastle
Yeah Newcastle
Yeah Newcastle
Yeah Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle
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