Daniel Johnston - Man Obsessed chords


Here are my first chords, they sounds good to me... hope they sounds good to you too!

CHe's a man obsessed
F G He couldn't be a lover
CSo now he's a pest
F GHe played the game
CBut he failed the test
F GHe's a man obsessed
C F GHe's a pest
He's a man obsessed She's strictly restricted She's strictly business And her business is death He's a man obsessed He's a pest
C F G CThe only way you could get her to look at you is to die
F GWhy don't you die?
He's a man obsessed He couldn't be a lover So now he's a pest He played the game But he failed the test He's a man obsessed He's a pest So basically there are three chords i guess, enjoy!
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