Daniel Johnston - Tuna Ketchup chords


Am DmI saw her in the street
Am E-E7She was with her family
Am DmShe didn't say anything
Am E E7She just stopped and stared
Am Dm Am E-E7And I like her
Am DmIn the summer I worked with her
Am E-E7In an oil refinery
Am E E7She wore a yellow suit in the rain
Am Dm Am E-E7And I like her
Am DmI drew her some pictures
Am E-E7I made her posters
Am DmI let her walk all over me
Am E E7And insult me too
Am Dm Am E-E-7Cause I like her
Am DmShe has red hair
Am E-E7And blue eyes
Am DmI was looking for love
Am E E7But all I got was a bite
Am DmAnd I like her
Am DmAnd I like her
Am DmAnd I like her
End on Am Note: For E-E7 play E for two beats and then E7 for 2. For E E7 play both chords for the usual 4 beats. Writing this tab is the first time I noticed that the second verse didn't fit in with the pattern of the other verses, it's almost as if there's a Am Dm line missing.
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