Daniel Johnston - Some Things Last A Long Time tab version 1

So basically this is just the chords to the song.

When I was listening to it I found it a little tricky to replicate the piano chords so
I just use power chords for the song because bar chords don't fit, the chords seem to be

Anyway, the chords you'll use are: A G D C F E B*e|---x--x--x--x--x--x--x---|B|---x--x--3--x--x--x--x---|G|---2--x--2--5--x--x--4---|D|---2--5--0--5--3--2--3---|A|---0--5--x--3--3--2--2---|E|---x--3--x--x--1--0--x---|
*obviously not a B but I don't know the exact name for it so B is fine I play the entire song an octave lower than he does because it makes it a lot easier and to learn, but it means the last two chords you play in the chorus are the same. If you you can tune your E string to C but then you need to tune all your notes down 1 tone and just a hassle really. Anyway, with that in mind: Intro/Verse: Your picture is still... A G D C (repeat as needed) Bridge/Verse I won't forget the things we did/ Some things last a long time A G F E F G D C B C D C / D C C* * That last C is actually an octave lower than the one you've been playing. Also, it's played
instead of 5 on D. Or I play it that way because it just sounds better. You can kind of away with switching between 5 and 2 in substitute of dropping an entire octave but it really compensate. You'll be singing over the top of these chords probably so it doesn't matter too much. But if you want to move all your chords up an octave, that's still the C you go to. the first time he plays the chorus theres an odd little solo which is something like but with effects that distort it to much it's hard to tell:
And the final chord is just an A major bar on 12th fret in the song, if you want to keep the lower octave play a on the G string with your power chord shape, add a fret to the you play on B and e so you're playing e|5 B|5 G|2 That's about it, hope you like it, and there's not too many problems. Also, if you do want to play the chorus at his pitch, the chords you'll use are:
Sounds alright even if you're playing the verse down an octave. 'lachie 2010'
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