Daniel Johnston - Favorite Darling Girl chords

		Daniel Johnston - Favorite Darling Girl
Tabbed by: alejoar
Email: alejoar at gmail

Tuning: EADGBe

F:   133211
C: x36663C*: x36666 or just play the above C.
A#: x11331 or x13331 A#m: x13321 Intro:
F CJust then she talks too loud
F A#She says I'm not allowed
A#m FTo do this or that
A# C*Nothing left to do
F CLove never comes or goes
F A#Feelings never really show
A#m FWhat will become of us?
A# C*No one really knows
F CShe's back in a little while
F A#Trying to make me smile
A#m FI'm lost in the dark
A# C*Walking lonely miles
F CSeems how the years go by
F A#No need to wonder why
A#m FNever had a chance to think
A# C*It's all over now..
F CMemories were wearing thin
F A#I never wore a grin
A#m FI guess I just forgot
A# C*All had gone to rot
F CSaid she had wrecked my world
F A#My favorite darling girl
A#m FCan't find me a friend
A# C*Guess I lost again
Then play the intro again and finish with F.Hope you enjoy it :)
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