Daniel Johnston – Delusion Confusion tab

i just realised while tabbing that this song follows a
12 bar blues structure (or some approximation of it.
i'm not counting bars). it just shows you how great
and artist daniel is to hide such a structure behind
his pop genius. yes. GENIUS.

G                                 C            G
oh, i love you so. i want you to know my love grows.
        D           C                    G
and my heart needs attention. i feel rejection.
G                             C               G
see? see how i cry? ain't no reason, no reason why.
           D           C               G
im just clouded by delusion and confusion.
    G              G           C
but i, i know fer sure, you will endure
                   G               D            C
what was and what were and you'll find a way to help me
I'm waiting still.

have fun.
-jimmy nothin-
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