The Messenger chords with lyrics by Daniel Lanois - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Daniel Lanois – The Messenger chords

The Messenger by Daniel Lanois

Intro: Am  Em  F  G  Am  C  F

Am Em F G Got a letter from a messenger
Am C FI read it when it came
Am Em F G It said that you were wanted
Am C F You were bound and chained
C F You had loved and you were handled
C G You were poisoned you were pained
Am F G COh no, Oh no you were naked you were shamed
Am Em F G You could almost touch heaven
Am C F Right there in front of you
Am Em F G Liberty just slipped away from us
Am C F Now there's so much work to do
C F Oh the door that closes tightly
C G Is the door that can't swing wide
Am F G C Oh no, Oh no but expecting to collide
C F For a minute I let my guard down
C Not afraid to be found out
F Completely forgotten
C What our fears were all about
Am F G C Oh no, Oh no there's no need to be without
Am Em F G There's a chance and I will take it
Am C F This desire I can't give
Am Em F G Take my heart please don't break it
Am C F I will crawl to your foothill
C F I'm frightened but I'm coming
C G Please baby please lay still
Am F G C Oh no, oh no not coming for the kill Oh no, oh no not coming for the kill Oh no, oh no not coming for the kill
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