Daniel Licht – Hide Your Tears tab

			     Hide Your Tears - Daniel Licht
Tabbed by: olebohem

Tuning: Standard

I heard this song first time in "Dexter". And it is mainly that part I have

Basically you pick the following, while playing the chords in the right
rythm. If you listen to the song you will understand. 

* = Listen to the song for an indication on how many times you play each of
the chords. Also listen for the downwards and upwards strumming.

Also when you play the chords, you should not play the strings you have
picked, to make it sound better. I illustrate this by putting an X on the 
strings you should try not to strum.

Em * G * A * Em *E-------------------------3------------------------------------------|B-------------------------3------------------2-----------------------|G--------------------------------------------2-----------------------|D-----2--------------------------------------2------------------2----|A-----2-------------------2------------2--0--X------------------2----|E--0--X----------0--2--3--3---------3--------X---------2--3--0-------|
This is probably not right on, but it got a nice sound to it.
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