Daniel Wesley - Ooo Ohh tab version 1

			     Daniel Wesley - Ooo Ohh
Tabbed by: Frazer Constable
Email: boardin_on_powder@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

This is an awesome song. Been waitin' for an accurate tab on it for too long, so I 
to man-up, and do one myself.. it's my first one, so let me know if there's any problems!

Intro: With a kind of "wah" effect.e|-8~-----5~----5~----|B|-10~----6~----5~----|G|-10~----7~----5~----|D|-10~----7~----7~----|A|-8~-----5~----7~----|E|--------------5~----|
Chorus: Reggae style. (Where there's a mute, it's an "up-down" stroke.)e|-8--x-8--8--x-8--8--x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-|B|-10-x-10-10-x-10-10-x-6-6-x-6-6-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-|G|-10-x-10-10-x-10-10-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-|D|-10-x-10-10-x-10-10-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-|A|-8--x-8--8--x-8--8--x-5-5-x-5-5-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-7-7-x-|E|----------------------------------5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-5-5-x-|
Ooo, ohh.. ..gonna' catch a wave, and smoke a little ganja."
Verse 1: With a kind of "wah" effect.e|-8~-----5~----5~----|B|-10~----6~----5~----|G|-10~----7~----5~----|D|-10~----7~----7~----|A|-8~-----5~----7~----|E|--------------5~----|"Daddy's little secret.."
Verse 2:e|-8----8----5----5----5----5----5----5-5--|B|-10---10---6----6----5----5----5----5-5--|G|-10---10---7----7----5----5----5----5-5--|D|-10---10---7----7----7----7----7----7-7--|A|-8----8----5----5----7----7----7----7-7--|E|---------------------5----5----5----5-5--|"You won't be coming back there.."
Repeat: Chorus, verse 1, and verse 2, and then the chorus a few more times. Then have fun at the end with the outro! (Listen to the song.) Thanks, Frazer. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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