Daniel Wesley – Time For Leaving tab

time for leaving - Daniel Wesley

first tab so bare with me. Listen to song for timing. ACCENT up stroke on G.
capo 1st fret

opening riff 2X GE|----------------------3-----------------------------------||B|----------------------------------------------------------||G|----------------------------------------------------------||D|----------------------------------------------------------||A|---0--2--3--2---------2-----------------------------------||E|---------------3------3-----------------------------------||
G riff G riff Time for leaving , got to make this right Em C G riff before I start to lose my head,
Em C GE|-------------------------------------3----------------------||B|------------------------------1-----------------------------||G|------------------------------------------------------------||D|----------------------2-------2-----------------------------||A|---0--2--3--2---------2-------3------2----------------------||E|---------------3---------------------3----------------------||
Time is fleeting , only got so much . I think that I should leave this town. CHORUS D-C-G-D-C-G-D-C-Em-D-G D C G But it's pulling me apart, how quickly lives can part D C G Feeling like I shouldn't start. D C Em D G riff But leaving you behind , is not what I had in mind. Verse 2 Chorus 2 Verse 3 REPEAT 1st Verse. End on single stroke. Hope you like . Let me know what you think at billbarrilko@hotmail.com PEACE , " I love you all" :)
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