Danielson Famile – Bloodbook On The Half Shell chords

    Blood Book on the Half Shell - Danielson Famile

Tabbed by:CDemmings

Tuning: Standard

I play all these chords in their bar forms. You can play them however you want.

DRowing ringing cares a flinging
DAs we ride this boat of hide
DAll eagle-eyed and dignified
D D C A#Down the river across the great divide
A#Words beside
A#At the highest of tides
AWith my bona fide bride
AShe's my
ATouring guide
GAnd yes we both do reside
GOn this riverside
G DWhere we hide
DVacation's a lot of work
DBut here we are with ringing bells
DAnd floating on this cockleshell
DMy pal Grins
D C A#Hugs the wind and sighs
A#We realize
A#With our blank minds aside
AOnly to see the mystery
AOf many books floating free
GAnd those books are free indeed
There's one caught in the weed
DLet's get it
C A# Go get that lovely book
C A#Let's grab those lovely books
C A#Gather up all these books
C DWe're gettin' looks looks
DWe're gettin' the looks
C A#These lovely bloody books
C A#Arms full of lonely books
C A#Freely collecting books
C A#We're getting funny looks
CWhile we are
B CFiling
A B CPiling way up high and rising
ADewey dusty
B CDecimalizing
B CSystemizing
G A A#Can't believe we found this vintage
G A A#We now have such great advantage
G A A#Great they'll look in our library
GLet's get goin
A A#And let us hurry
DNow now
DHey hey hey
DWhat do they say
DCollections sit and beg to play
DWanting to give
DAnd speak with us
DBut neatly packed
D C A#And nicely put away
A#What to do
A#For I've heard they are good
A But we've also been told
They can't be understood
GBy simpletons like me
And should never be
DSo why try
C A#Crack in to all those books
C A#The lovely bloody books
C A#We open up these books
C D We taking looks looks
DWe're taking a look
D A#Time to hit the books
C A#The lovely bloody books
C A#Arms full of lovely books
C A#Open up all these books
CIt's got the
A B CWords of one who made the river
A B CBlood that's flowing through the soil
A B CI got books I just don't read them
A B CCleaning scraps up from the table
G A A#Flippin through with fingers pointing
G A A#At the letter and the numbers
G A A#Straining eyes and feeling better
G A A#Wonderin how to be members
DHow now
(Whistle moment)
AAnd I'm turning the page
While on
ACenter stage
GIt is starting to sink
And I'm to the brink
F#With my plans in pencil
While the vision's in ink
A#What to think
F# G AMy left brain tells me I'm a fool
F# A BMy right brain tells me It's true
F# G AI only am knowing one thing
F# A BI like hearing good news
D BIt's true
D BIt's true
D BIt's true And it's false
D BGonna cost
D Bmyself
D BFor these books
D BTaking one second look
A B CGonna call my counselor now
D BHe's gonna clear
D BClear confusion
D BThen explain everything
F# G AThese books steer our ship with good news
F# A B For now I got nothing to lose
C BMy brother
C BRemembers
C B A thousand
C BI can't quote you one line
C BBut oh now
C BI shall
C BKnow all of your ways
A B CWith warm cockles in to my heart
D BAnd dancing to hits
D BAnd skipping around
D BAround on unsinkable ships
************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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