Danni Leigh – If The Jukebox Took Teardrops chords

Key Of C
Intro : fiddle solo.....

Chorus :
C If the jukebox took teardrops
G7 and the whiskey was free
If that ol' car in the parking lot
C drove home automatically
C If every night 'neath the honky tonk lights
G7 didn't start those memories
F C Wouldn't it be a wonderful world
G7 C for somebody just like me
F 1. How long can a girl keep goin'
C like every day is the last
F I've paid off the rent and the government
C G7 may be I could pay off the past
Repeat Chorus : Inst : Same as Chorus Verses
F 2. Wouldn't I be on easy street
C livin' this life of mine
F I could keep right on till the hurt's all gone
C G7 and it wouldn't cost me a dime
Repeat Chorus :
F C If the jukebox took teardrops
G7 C and the whiskey was free
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