Danny Elfman - This Is Halloween chords

Okay, this is right from the book, so it should be pretty accurate.
From the 1993 film 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', by Tim Burton. If you haven't seen 
GO AND DO IT NOW!! Jack's amazing...

Well, this is the first song from the film,and it's pretty hardcore; flatted 5ths and 
accidentals all over the place - good luck! (This chord list scared me to write out, and I 
tend to scare easy...)

 Chords used
Cm 335543
Fm6/C- 688680
Em – 022000
Fm6 – x1x011
G7 – 320001
Bb – 113331
G – 320033
Gm – 355333
Bbm – 113321
C – x32010
Fm – xx3111
Abm – 466444
C#m – x46654
Bm – xx4432
Dm – xx0231
E7 – 020100
F# m – xx4222
D#m – xx1342Fb – 022100
Eb - x65343 Ebm –xx1342 Bb7 – x13131 D7 – xx0212 C#m – 022000 G#7/C# -x44544 B – 224442 G#7 – 464544 C#7 – x4342x Am - x02210 D7 – xx0212 Cm6 – x3x243 Okay, enough on the chords, I'm hearing you scream. Well, maybe not, but you get the drift... On with the song! moderately Cm Fm6/C Em Fm6/C G7
Cm Fm6/CBoys and girls of every age
CmWouldn't you like to see something strange?
BbCome with us and you will see:
Cm GThis our town of Hallowe'en!
GmThis is Hallowe'en, this is Hallowe'en!
Bbm C FmPumpkins screaming in the dead of night!
AbmThis is Hallowe'en, this is Hallowe'en!
Em C#mTrick or treat, til the neighbours gunna die of fright.
Bm Gm Bm Gm BmIt's our town - Everybody scream
Dm E7In this town of Hallowe'en!
F#mI am the one hiding under your bed
D#mTeeth ground sharp, and eyes glowing red
F#mI am the one hiding under your stairs
D#mFingers like snakes, and spiders in my hair!
CmThis is Hallowe'en, This is Hallowe'en
Abm FmHallowe'en, Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en Hallowe'en!
Abm Fb Abm FbIn this town, we call home,
Abm Eb Abmeveryone hail to the pumpkin song!
Fm Db FmIn this town, don't we love it now?
Abm Bb EbmEverybody's waiting for the next surprise,
Fm'Round that corner, man,
Hiding in the trash can,
Abm Bb7Something's waiting now to pounce,
F#mand how you'll scream!
This is Hallowe'en, Red and black and slimy green
DmAren't you scared?
BmWell... that's just fine!
F#mSay it once, say it twice,
Take a chance, Roll the dice
Dm BmRide with the moon in the dead of night
F#m Dm F#m Dm F#mEvery body scream, everybody scream,
Cm D7 EmIn our town of Hallowe'en!
I am the clown with the tear away face
C#mHere in a flash, and gone without a trace
EmI am the who, when you call 'who's there?'
C#mI am the wind running through your hair
EbmI am the shadow on the moon at night,
Bm Abmfilling your dreams to the brim with fright!
Fm DmThis is Hallowe'en, this is Hallowe'en!
Bm GmHallowe'en, Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en!
C#m G#7/C# (goes with the -y-) Tender lumplings everywhere,
C#mLife's no fun, without a good scare
BThat's our job but we're not mean,
C#m G#7In our town of Hallowe'en
G#m E G#mIn this town, don't we love it now?
Bm C#7 F#mEveryone's waiting for the next surprise
Am F/A AmSkeleton Jack might catch you in the back
Cm D7 Gm Bbmand scream like a banshee make you jump out of your skin!
F#mThis is Hallowe'en, won't you please
Ebmmake way for a very special guy?
BbmOur man Jack is king of the pumpkin patch
F#m EbmEveryone hail to the pumpkin king
DmThis is Hallowe'en, This is Hallowe'en
Bbm GmHallowe'en, Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en Hallowe'en!
Gm Eb Gm EbIn this town, we call home
m D7 GmEveryone hail to the pumpkin song.
(it divides into parts so i'm taking the tune, but you only need to fill in the gaps, by to the track,or just going la, or Hallowe'en, at the right moment... :P) la la la la la
Cm6la la la la la
Bmla la la la la
Cm6 D7la la la la la
Wheeeeeeeee! (It says that in the book...) Gm Wild laughter
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