Danny Michel - Newtons Apple chords

Newtons Apple

E A/G# I'll carve initials in it,
A BI'll play until I win.
E A/G# A BI'm going to love you till I break.
E A/G#I'm going to fan your sweet flame,
A B I'm going to sing your sweet name.
E A/G# A BAnd I'm going to love you till you shake.
A E'Cause I'm on the road to happiness
B A Eand the cool, cool streams of love.
A EI'm gonna get myself so dirty/filthy
B A Erolling in the mud.
A EI've got my eye on bigger things
B A Eand the blue-er skies above.
BSo I'll shoot Newton's apple,
Eand I'll climb up on high.
I love you god as witness, so I can't bear to watch this. Your little heart left in the sun. 3 cheers for Hollywood. 'Cause there's gold in them thar hills, And I'm gonna get my hands on some.
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