Danny Michel – Binary Star chords

Binary Star
Danny Michel
I can't figure out how to fix the formatting, so please note:
Each chord is played on the last word of each line (approximately), except for the E7 
and Am7 chords.
Play those chords just before the first word of the line.

notes for opening melody:: GGAGB BBBB GAGBBG# CCCBBAAAA CCCBAF#
Chords for opening melody: G-E-Am-D

GMy binary star
Etogether we move
Amcompanions for life
Dthe ballet, the groove.
GMy binary star
EYou're brighter than me
E7 AmNothing compares
Am7 DYou're all I see.
GMy binary star
EI'm counting on you
E7 AmWherever you spin
Am7 DI shadow your moves
GMy binary star
ETell me what's wrong
E7 AmYou stand in the dark
Am7 DAnd stare at the sun.
G (notes for background vocal melody: GF#DB) My binary star (binary star)
EWe gotta be strong
E7 AmYou spin out of control
Am7 DAnd you drag me along.
GMy binary star
EI thought you were mine
E7 AmBut gravity calls
Am7 DAnd you leave me behind
C - CD And now your shadow eclipse
EmIt rubs me out in the night
AmYou've made me a fool
DYou drift out of my life
GYou're the primary star
EGo on, be free
E7 AmI'm secondary
Am7 DIt's all I'll ever be
GMy binary star (binary star)
EThings can't be the same
E7 AmYou've drifted too far
Am7 DThere's no one to blame
C-DMy binary star
EmMy binary star
C-D-GMy binary sta-ar.
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