Dansety – All That I Want tab

All that i want ( anna) , Dansety 2002.


A E G D G Am DE---------3---2-----3--------2---EB---2---------3---------1----3---BG---2--1------2---------2----2---GD---2--2----------------2--------DA------2--2---------2------------AE---------3---------3------------E
Verse I: G Am Anna when i dream of you, D G i feel you in my heart. G Am and Anna I close my eyes, Am G But i still see you when we're apart. Chorus: A E G D Cause Anna, you're all that i want in my life... A E G D And without you, i dont know how to survive. A E G D i've been searching for , so long A E G D and without you everything seems to be so wrong. Verse II : same as first. so Anna, in you i found true love, i wanna hold you till all time ends. And Anna, its you im thinking of, so i place my life, in your sweet hands. Ending, same as intro... written by: Danny van Tongeren.
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